Most of my life has been spent in the Rustbelt. I grew up in Cincinnati, OH among two parents with a passion for art and antiques. Apparently, those same interests rubbed off on me. 

Roadtrips to visit family in Buffalo, NY were common throughout my childhood. Stops in and around Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA for food, fueling the car, or an impromptu antique quest were par for the course. 

My college years and into my career as an educator continued near the western edge of the Rustbelt, in Chicago, IL. After 13 years away I decided to move back to Ohio to be close to family. 

My work is inspired by years of peering out of the car window and being amazed by the dilapidated structures of yesteryear (and what they represent), walking through an old industrial site and the years of absorbing the imagery of antique advertising. This shop contains my original artwork which I screen print and a continued rotation of vintage items.